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Phone Consultation
Newborns 3-12 weeks
Newborn Baby Sleep

At this age we don't sleep train babies yet, but rather look at setting up healthy sleep habits and gently getting baby into an age-appropriate routine. 

What you get:

  • Intake form/ sleep questionnaire – this will help me to get a better picture of your baby's temperament and routine. 

  • Phone consult of about an 1 hour, to discuss in detail, your goals, how to gently shift baby into an age-appropriate routine, possible solutions and how to achieve them

  • After our chat, I will then send you a personalised sleep plan addressing the following aspects:

    • Sleep environment

    • Sleep associations

    • Feeding

    • Naps and nights

  • 4x follow-up phone calls of about 15 minutes once you have started implementing the plan at home (I usually aim for day 1-2,4-6, 10 and 14)

  • Review of online sleep log

  • 2 week follow-up support – via email, whatsapp or text.

Price $380

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