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A bit more about me...
Henriette Gaunt Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

Hi, I'm Henriette, as a mother of two I know firsthand what sleep deprivation feels like and how desperate you can feel, trying anything to get your baby to sleep.

When our first child was born, of course I expected some sleepless nights, but I didn't expect a baby that wouldn't sleep day or night. Ever. Not even in the pram or car. The sleep deprivation made for a very unhappy baby, an exhausted mother (me!) and a some very blurry months of parenthood. When we finally sought out help and were guided through a sleep training program, it was like a switch, all of a sudden our baby was happy, not grumpy anymore and her development charged ahead, she was a completely different child.

Our experience has made me passionate about sleep and helping other families achieve a healthy sleep balance which makes for a happier household. I know what a difference a well rested baby can make to the whole family.

I don't believe there is a One-Size-Fits-All approach when it comes to sleep training, not all babies are the same, so why would we expect to sleep train them all in the same way? 

I offer phone consultations as well as home consultations in the Melbourne area. 

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