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Henriette Gaunt 
Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Henriette Gaunt Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

As a mother of two I know first-hand what sleep deprivation feels like and how desperate you can feel trying anything to get your baby to go to sleep. 

When our first child was born, of course I expected some sleepless nights, but I didn't expect a baby that wouldn't sleep day or night. Ever. The sleep deprivation made for a very unhappy baby, an exhausted mother (me!) and a some very blurry months of parenthood. Read more

Sleeping Child

"Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world"

Napoleon Bonaparte



         A huge, heartfelt thank you for changing our lives one baby and one toddler at a time Henriette. You have given us all the gift of sleep.

We had endured endless sleep deprivation and run the gauntlet of emotions & challenges that it brought for everyone in our family. My 2yo now plays happily alone for long periods and isn’t clingy and grisly during the day. My 4yo can better handle what the day brings and he is all round happier. As are my husband and me. I can finally be the mum I want to be without the vicious cycle that sleep deprivation causes.

Thank you for your specifically tailored plans for each individual child and their personality, as well as taking my parenting preferences into account. Your time and efforts to really understand us as individuals truly made the difference. Your endless patience, support and guidance was invaluable.

I cannot speak highly enough of your expertise.

Mum of Abigail 2.5 years & Sebastian 4.5 years

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